Cassie & Leo

Labradoodle/Double Doodles

Puppies were born Feb. 6th, 2021

Puppies will weigh around 20 lbs  as adults.

Colors are in Chocolate and Parti. 

Puppies are $2400 with a $150. refund after spay/neuter.

Take home around April 3rd 2021

This litter is reserved. There are no available spots on reservation or on the wait list. 

Cassie Leo #3 litter 6 days.jpg

Photos taken

  6 days old

Cassie Leo #3 litter 6 days 2.jpg
Cassie Leo #3 litter 6 days boys.jpg


Cassie Leo #3 litter 6 days girls.jpg


Casima 2 Nov 2018.jpg


Leo Grabowski Nov 10, 2018 posing by Cas


Cassie Leo newborn pups Feb 6 2021.jpg