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Gia & Leo

Mini-Medium Goldendoodle/Doubledoodles

Two puppies were born June 10, 2022

Both Chocolate and white Parti Doodles, one girl and one boy.

They will weigh around 15-20 lbs as adults.

They are $2400 ea with a $150. refund after spay/neuter.

They are very playful, sweet pups who love attention and are paper-trained.

I waited until now (Nov. 1st) to put them on the website because I almost kept them both.

They are the best pups and if someone wanted to take both at the same time I would

give a nice discount.

Please fill out contact form with your information and interest in these puppies. Send info to Peggy at

Gio Leo puppies together with Kristen.jpg
Gia Leo female puppy almost 4 months old.jpg

Gia's girl

Gia Leo female pup sitting.jpg

Gia's girl

Gia's girl

Gia Leo male puppy almost 4 months old looking up.jpg
Gia Leo pups running around.jpg
Gia Leo puppies together 2 almost 4 months old.jpg
Gia Leo M. Almost 4 months old 2.jpg

Gia's boy

Gia Leo female puppy good picture.jpg

Gia's boy

Gia Leo male puppy almost 4 months old. Good picture.jpg

Gia's boy

Gia Leo puppies together almost 4 months old.jpg
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