Mini-Medium Labradoodle

Born January 8, 2019. This girl was adopted as a puppy but her family can't keep her any longer. She weighs about 25 lbs and a has a very nice non-shedding coat. She needs a family that loves walks and play. She has had some training, she can sit, lie down and stay with hand signals.  Crate trained and house broken.  She’s been spayed.  Loves to chase a ball and chews a lot with her favorite toys.  Loves to go on walks.  Groomer says she holds still very well while being groomed.  Very active. Contact Peggy at hfam76@yahoo.com

Mini-Medium Labradoodle

Kayc on carpet.jfif
Kayc sitting.jfif
Kayc laying down.jfif
Leo Grabowski Nov 10, 2018 posing by Cas



Leo and Cassie after honeymoon 11-10-18.
Casima 2 Nov 2018.jpg