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These are just a few of the many Doodles (and their people) we have created and raised here!
A helper and I at Valley Children's Red Heart Ball
Bella Grogan home at last Dec. 2018.jpg
Bella Grogan with daughter 1.JPG
Bella Grogan with daughter 2.JPG
The Lareys with Stella Mothers Day.jpg
Cooper Hasegawa 2019.jpg
Stella and Lynda on Beach.JPG
Stella with Santa hat dec 2018.JPG
Mowgli and Sudeshna Mother's Day.jpg
Davey Jean Nad Tater Tot on dirt road Ju
Brittany Davey and Tater Tot  being kiss
Bennett and Bandit sitting at home.jpg
Tucker Mcilhatton.jpg
Tucker McIlhatton and Sadie and retrieve
Stella Davies and new sister.jpg
Stella Davies and other sister sunglasse
Mowgli and Sudeshna 4.5 months.jpg
Chloe Korsinen July 29 2019.jpg
Joy Jost 3 yrs.jfif
Willow 6 yrs old.jpg
Moose Harris looking in the wind.jpg
Georgie Wynn laying looking at
Blake and Melissa 2.jpg
Tucker Mc with toy.jpg
Double Doodles love their
people and their boxes!
Gen's Nicki on a box.jpg
Charlize in her box.jpg
Abby Gen's girl in a box 10 wks.jpg
Charlize on the bed.jpg
Tucker Swenson 2.jpg
Sully Quiroga in her box.jpg
Charlize in furry bed.jpg
Nicki and Emma.jpg
Nicki pup head tilt.jpg
Teddy Makedonsky sticking out his tongue
Murphy Manlimos resting.jpg
Murphy Manlimos nose sticking thru the d
Murphy manlimos cute face ears back.jpg
Lady 4 months.jpg
Gus and Buster.jpg
Gigi in dog bed.jpg
Oliver Adams in city.jpg
Oliver Adams in black & white.jpg
Oliver Adams on hike trail.jpg
Sully Quiroga sitting.jpg
The Mc Intyre's Guardian's and Colby.jpg
Kona Duyst on floor.jpg
Coby with rope toy.jpg
Milo and the Magallanes at Halloween.jpg
Bean Silos 4 mo.jpg
Kirby & Lucy Patel Halloween.jpg
Mikey in Carmel.jpg
Ted Guise on mountian in Switzerland.jpg
Bean Silos 2 4 months.jpg
Coby McIntyre 11+ wks here for day care.
Yin Miguel Aida.jpg
Kona Duyst with flower  on head.jpg
Sully Roca by Christmas Tree.jpg
Kona Duyst on kitchen floor.jpg
Nicki Cohen with x mas glasses on.jpg
Sully Quiroga in snow Jan 2021.jpg
Sully Roca Christmas 2020.jpg
Nicki & Sister
Coby and his family
Miss Sully
Mr. Sully
Jolene 9.5 wks at home.jpg
Jackson at home.jpg
Nori in the snow.jpg
Aida, Winston and Coby all three Guardia

Aida, Winston and Coby

Bella 9 wks by yellow bush.jpg
Mia's white boy 9 wks yellow bush.jpg


The Blicks with Aspen and Riley.jpg
Davey with Tater Tot on lap.jpg

Davey & Tater Tot

Brittany and Tater Tot.jpg

Brittany and Tater Tot

Beau walking.jpg


Winston sitting on chair with scarf June


Nicki Cohen with her 1st b day hat june

Nicki 1st B-day

Kiwi 1st birthday with haqt, cake and ba


Beau Corsaro standing 7 mo.jpg


Luca Zamarripa on couch with flag.jpg
Luca Zamarripa on dog bed.jpg
Charlize after Puppichino 3-2021.jpg
Zuki at home.jpg
Grace and Italia in chair.jpg

Grace and Italia

Grace and Italia in Texas first time bac

Grace and Italia

Abby Dyer 1 yr.jpeg


Teddy Makedonsky grromed up June


Sully Quirga 1 yr b day standing.jpg

Sully Q.

Jax after first groom 5.5 mos June 2021.


Jax with scarf after groom June 2021.jpg


Chester 1 yr with red plaid shirt and ha


Chester 1 yr with blue plaid shirt.jpg


Charlize and Roxy june 2021.jpg

Charlize & Roxy

Jax and Kim's sister and grandkids.jpg

Jax and family

Jax & Kim with his beginners certificate 2021.jpg
Nori on a rock.jpg


Spikey and his B day cake.jpg


fred and Milo stein Feb 2022.jpg

Fred and Milo

Sully Roca 1st b day.jpg

Mr. Sully

Chester in airplane as service dog.jpg

Chester after Service Dog accredidation

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