These are just a few of the many Doodles (and their people) we have created and raised here!
A helper and I at Valley Children's Red Heart Ball
Bella Grogan with daughter 1.JPG
Bella Grogan with daughter 2.JPG
The Lareys with Stella Mothers Day.jpg
Cooper Hasegawa 2019.jpg
Stella and Lynda on Beach.JPG
Stella with Santa hat dec 2018.JPG
Mowgli and Sudeshna Mother's Day.jpg
Bennett and Bandit sitting at home.jpg
Stella Davies and new sister.jpg
Joy Jost 3 yrs.jfif
Willow 6 yrs old.jpg
This litter of Double Doodles loves      their people and their boxes!
Gen's Nicki on a box.jpg
Mikey in Carmel.jpg
Ted Guise on mountian in Switzerland.jpg
Yin Miguel Aida.jpg