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Note that this website is best viewed on a computer, not a cell phone (photos and lables get mixed up)


~~~~  ♥  I am a small family breeder of Mini to Medium Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Double Doodles (Goldendoodles/Labradoodles). We (my family and I) pride ourselves in providing families with premium, quality and very loving puppies that will grace their new homes with their devotion and loyalty. I have devoted 13+ years of my life to breeding, raising and training my dogs and puppies. Their health and safety have always been my most important objectives in this breeding program. 

Our parent dogs and those of the breeders we associate with, are all health tested on genetic conditions of the breeds (heart, hips, elbows, patellas, eyes, etc.) and are picked for their vitality, health, disposition, temperament, personality, size, color and coat type. The breeds we work with are purposefully bred for their allergy-friendly traits, intelligence and loving dispositions. They are important for people with allergies and those who want dogs as companions, sports competition and service dogs. We do not breed for quantity, we breed for quality.

All of our puppies receive a minimum of four dewormings, appropriate vaccinations, are micro-chipped and are provided nutrition needed for the quality of their health, well-being and for longevity of their life. We use the Bio-Sensor program as well from 3-16 days to increase their neuro-sensitivity. They are constantly exposed to human contact and love from myself, family, and grandchildren. They are also raised around their mother, our other dogs and cats, so that they are well-rounded to the outside world.


I do not de-sex (Spay/Neuter) the pups before they leave here. I believe (along with my vet and others) that early alteration can be very detrimental to a puppy/dog's health as they grow, especially in the important first 6-7 months of life. The removal of their hormones at such a crucial, early age can have adverse affects on their bones, growth plates, muscles (including their heart) and therefore can cause other health issues later on. We do our best to give our puppies the healthiest start we can and want them to live a long, happy life. We also believe in keeping chemicals, toxins and possibly harmful unneeded vaccinations to a minimum. We always suggest the use of Titer testing to check for antibodies before a puppy or dog is vaccinated unnecessarily which can cause lasting and possibly unseen health issues later on. We also warn puppy parents against using any flea/tick/heartworm medications such as Bravecto, Trifexis, Nexguard, Seresto collars, etc. In some cases they have caused auto-immune problems, neurological and other major health problems. Always be an advocate of your puppy/dog and question any chemicals that go into and on your beloved furry family member.


The puppies are exposed to the noises of a vacuum, outdoor equipment, aircraft (we are in flight pattern of an airport) and regular daily activities to prepare them for life in a busy, and sometimes noisy home. They are also given lots of kisses, hugs and love from my family, grand kids (and me of course, all day long!).

Our puppies are raised as our pets and therefore are raised in my home, not in kennels and crates (unless they stay a little longer and they are being trained for that). They are able to play and learn in the yard and are more easily potty trained (weather permitting).


If you would like information on one of my puppies or a certain litter, go to my "Contact" page and send me information about you, your family and which puppy/ies you are interested in. I do not do texting.

You won't find another breeder (or animal lover) more devoted and dedicated to the nature and nurture in the raising of their pups and other pets. I would love to help you find a true unconditional love in your life, for you and your family, so lets get started! ~~~~~~ ♥

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