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Information about Double Doodles
Goldendoodle and Labradoodle Mix

~~~~~ "Double Doodles" also know as "North American Retrievers", are one of the up and coming hybrids. A North American Retriever is the hybridization of a Goldendoodle with a Labradoodle. Some Goldendoodle and Labradoodle breeders have begun breeding this combination and Bel Cuore is one of those breeders.

As with any hybrid, one of the first and most important questions to be asked is, why? Hybridization should only be done when there is a clear goal in mind.

So in that regard, our goal is to combine the most requested and desirable traits in our breeding lines. We are mixing the people-oriented, personable traits of the Golden Retriever with the work ethic and energy of the
Labrador Retriever, along with the great non-shedding/allergy-friendly coats and intelligence of the Poodle.

Service organizations and their breeders have been breeding and using the Golden/Lab/Poodle mixes with great success for quite some time because they have wonderful temperaments and better overall allergy-friendly coats. We are combining all of those great attributes from each of those breeds in one fabulous line of dogs. The puppies that we have had over the last 9+ years are a beautiful example of this combination and we and their families have been very pleased. We would love to share referrals and testimonials from satisfied and happy Doubledoodle owners upon request.   ~~~~

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