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To anyone interested in a adopting a puppy.....during this crazy pandemic there has been an amazing increase in the interest of families wanting to add a puppy to their lives/homes. That's a wonderful thing. I really appreciate the interest but I don't have any available pups at this time in the current litters.

So with that said, to save both of us some time, I advise you to keep an eye on this website for the next future planned breeding(s) and contact me to be placed on the next wait list. I have NOT started a wait list yet because when I do take the time to place a family on the list (besides the fact that it takes time away from my current dogs/puppies) I find that they have either moved on to another breeder/rescue, have lost their job, have an illness, are moving, or they just disappear, etc., etc. So to avoid the time consuming emails that I don't have time for right now, I'm asking you to watch for any fall/winter litters on this page. I will post if, when and who I might breed in the upcoming weeks/months. I appreciate your interest and wish I could help every single family find a wonderful puppy to love.

And any other info you need will be on the "Contact Page".


My best, Peggy :)

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