Italia & Gianni


Puppies were born on  March 12, 2021

Puppies will weigh between 30-35 as adults and have non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats.

There are 8 puppies. There is 1 White female, 1 Cream male,1 Chocolate female and

1 Chocolate male, 1 Choc/White Parti male and 3 Choc/White Parti females.

Puppies are $2400 with a $150. refund after spay/neuter.

Take home starting May 7, 2021

Email me with your info if you want to be placed on the reservation list. There is a $500 deposit required to hold a puppy.

Puppies available shown below. Puppies marked reserved are not the only ones that are reserved, as decisions are made, more will be labeled. Families are added in order of contact.   Fill out the Contact infoEmail @

#1 White/Tan F


#1 White/Tan F


Photos taken April 23

#4 Parti F

Italia Gianni litter 6 #4 f 8 wks 4.jpg

#4 Parti F

#7 Parti F

#7 Parti F



2013-03-24 003 2013-03-24 019.JPG



A few dogs from previous litters with Italia & Gianni

Beau Corsaro after 1st groom 3-21.jpg