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Zoey & Gianni 1st litter   Doubledoodles

This was Zoey's (and Gianni's with her) first litter. This pup was born on March 8, 2019. He is a very handsome male Chocolate/White Parti. He will be around 30-35 lbs and stand about 17"-19" at the withers as an adult. He is $2300. with a $150. refund/credit returned after Neuter surgery.  He will have a soft non-shedding coat. He is very sweet, playful and really smart. They love to play and romp with the other dogs, but he also likes being with people. He will make a wonderful addition to a fun-loving family. He is crate and potty trained.

Photos taken on Sept. 6.


#1 m


#1 m


#1 m

Zoey 2 yrs 2 months June 2019 sitting 3.



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