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Mia & Venchi


Puppies were born Dec. 25th

Puppies will weigh between 10-15  as adults.

There is 1 Chocolate female and 1 White male available.

Puppies are $2500 with a $150. refund after spay/neuter.

Take home starting possibly February 19th, 2021

There are puppies available to reserve in this litter :)

Contact Peggy @ from contact form.

Pictures taken on 1-6-21

Mia Venchi #1 White m almost 2 weeks 2.j

#1 m

Mia Venchi #1 White m almost 2 weeks.jpg

#1 m



Mia Venchi #2 Cho m almost 2 weeks.jpg

#2 f


Mia Venchi #2 Choc m almost 2 weeks

#2 f


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