Upcoming Breeding/Litter Page

Please read this entire page, thank you.


I will be breeding the litters listed at the bottom of this page. Read all of the following. I will post updates as I know more. Thank you!

Since there is so much interest in puppies at this time, I will be asking for a deposit upfront for a family to be placed on any reservation list. This will be a non-refundable deposit of $250. (after I accept that family for adoption). If the dam doesn't get pregnant the deposit will be returned or carried over to another upcoming litter. At 6 weeks after the dam is bred I will start to listen for puppy heartbeats. If I hear them I will require that everyone on that list submit the 2nd $250. of the deposit. I am only accepting 4 deposits for any litter and any other interested families will go on a wait list. If there are more than 4 puppies born, I will contact the families on the wait list in order of contact. The $500 total deposit will be applied to the puppy's price. If someone decides not to go forward with an adoption after being on the reservation list, they will forfeit their place on the list and lose their total deposit. I am doing things this way this time because a LOT of families begged to be on previous litter wait lists and then after I notified them of the pending litter and pregnancy, they had either decided they weren't ready, interested any longer, they were now moving or something else. All of this takes a lot of time (which takes away from my current puppies or my other dogs) and I don't have time to contact dozens of families so this is the easiest and fastest way for me to keep track of everyone.

I do have a few carry over families (from the previous litters) that I will contact to see if they want to go forward. I will list any vacancies for the reservation list, if there are any on each litter's info. I always accept any families for the wait list after the reservation list is full.

Please DO NOT contact me if you are not serious about adopting a puppy from Bel Cuore Doodles.

So to be considered for an upcoming litter, please send me an email with the following items:

1. The litter you are interested in.

2. Tell me about you/your family, jobs, home, yard, pool(?), other pets, experience and how/where puppy will be cared for while you are away on errands or trips.

3. You are aware of the deposit/s and that they are non-refundable if you decide to be removed from that litter. You also have read and understand the previous information and agree to the terms.

4. Your family is serious about adopting a puppy, and you are all mentally and physically ready and able to handle a young puppy, have permission from landlords, other family members are aware of possible adoption and any issues that could possibly become a problem with taking a puppy home.

Any other info you need will be on the "Contact Page" or on the Upcoming Breeding/Litter page.


My best, Peggy :)


Upcoming Breeding/Litters

Marchessa & ?? 

Golden Double Doodles

This is the second litter for Marchessa "Chessa". She will be bred with either Gianni, Vincente, or Amico. The puppies will weigh between 45-55 as adults and hopefully have non-shedding coats.  They will be White with possible cream/apricot accents. Chessa's season will start near the end of Sept./Oct.

I will post when that happens and who I will breed her with. Puppies will be $2400 with a $150. refund after spay/neuter. I won't start a reservation list until I start the breeding process.

Previous puppies at 8 wks


Zoey/ ?? Possibly Leo, Venchi or Winston

I will breed Zoey with one of the sires listed above. So depending on which sire I use, that will decide the size of the puppies we will get. The puppies could weigh between 25-35 as adults and will have non-shedding coats.  The colors will also depend on the sire used. Zoey's season will start near the end of November. I will post when that happens and who I will breed her with. Puppies will be $2400 with a $150. refund after spay/neuter. I won't start a reservation list until I start the breeding process.  I won't start a reservation list until I start the breeding process.


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